12/15 & 12/16 @ 907 franklin street (downtown)

join me for a two-night run in mid december where i will be cooking out of the kitchen at 907 franklin street in downtown houston.  the evening will consist of 17 courses that will showcase wild & cultivated ingredients from our immediate & surrounding areas with a few aquatic surprises from the pacific & atlantic oceans.  seating is extremely limited & will sell out.  it is still a little early for me to honestly post a menu & try to adhere to it so here is a list of items that are seasonally available & inspiring…

apples  /  pecans  /  oak   /  chickweed   /  coastal hay   /  wood sorrel  /  wild game birds  /  venison  /  texas flounder  /  acorns  /  gulf shrimp  /  sea urchin  /  farm eggs  /  wild hog  /  samphire  /  chanterelles  /  lichen  /  fruit preserves  /  dried woodears   /   galveston bay oysters   /  rice  /  sake lees  /  fermented vegetables  /  curds   /  rice & corn grits   /  kombu  /  sunchokes  /  louisiana bowfin caviar   /  guinea hens   /  radish     root vegetables  /  goat’s   milk

tickets for these events can only be obtained here https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KMAY7TUVYDHJL for a suggested donation of $115/person or $175/person (includes beverage pairing)…please note the day you will be attending

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3rd coast patio oyster roast

Randy Rucker & Eoghan L. Dillman

Invite you to kick off

 Lights in the Heights at KABOOM BOOKS (3116 Houston ave)

SAT. DECEMBER 8th 2p-8p

3rd Coast Patio Oyster Roast

Featuring Chef Rucker shucking raw & roasting Galveston Bay Oysters

Provided by Jim Gossen of Lousiana Foods

paired with

fermented local citrus, whey, & jalapeno absinthe punch

draft beer from Brewery Incubator


readings celebrating our prized gulf pearls

Please visit Feeding Curiosity for more information.

$20 minimum suggested donation per person

via http://tinyurl.com/bfvq3up or by cash in person

Please email RSVP or questions to AuteurHTX@gmail.com

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11/16 & 11/17 at gratifi in support of houston beer week

This beer dinner involves five courses with craft beer pairings for $65/person.

Renowned Gulf Coast chef Randy Rucker will prepare “Third Coast Cuisine” paired with special Texas craft beers from Buffalo Bayou Brewing, Independence Brewing and Saint Arnold.

Randy Rucker established the “pop-up” dinner concept in Houston years ago, which has been widely imitated, but never duplicated.

This event is intended to be a casual dinner, with cuisine similar to Tomball’s famed Bootsie’s Heritage Cafe.

Reservations are required.  Seatings are from 6 pm to 10 pm, Friday November 16th or Saturday November 17th.

Please contact us atbrandon@gratifikitchenandbar.com or 832 203 5950 to make your reservation.

gratifi kitchen + bar is located at 302 Fairview @ Taft.

rucker @ gratifi kitchen + bar

for houston beer week, nov 16 + nov 17

gulf oyster, louisiana paddlefish roe, buttermilk anglaise

leprechaun cider with hibiscus

okra beignets, smoked mayo, mexican mint marigold

saint arnold christmas ale

wild duck gumbo, carolina gold rice, foraged sassafras, andouille sausage

buffalo bayou secessionist #7: 1912

texas redfish, hen of the woods mushrooms, charred onion, roasted crab juice

no label el hefe

ribeye of beef lightly smoked & finished over charcoal with miso & braised radish

buffalo bayou gingerbread stout

roasted pear, mascarpone, brown butter, maple

real ale coffee porter

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10/27 & 10/28 another two night run at 4411 montrose


it’s that time of year when the leaves turn & air becomes cooler. that time of year to celebrate products that warm the soul from the inside out. the perfect time to enjoy oysters, venison, mushrooms, flounder, squash & other seasonal bounties that illustrate what it means to be on the gulf coast in fall.

im still ironing out the details for the upcoming dinners at 4411 but thought id share the menu…which is still a work in progress but this time around there will be fire & heat sources!!!

an oyster lightly set in a tea made from dried goldenrod flowers & leaves

blue crab with dry caper, purslane, pickled potato & chanterelle

roasted sunchoke with smokey caviar, buttermilk curds & wood sorrel

flounder with tender greenbriar shoots & a sauce made from its own roe & liver

corned nilgai heart & creamy brown butter

caramelized cauliflower tapenade with chicken of the woods mushrooms, chickweed & the juice from roasted shellfish

thin hand-coiled kabocha squash dumplings with a cream of dried avocado leaves & grated fish roe

matured birds: dove, teal or wild duck with root vegetables

granita made from fermented citrus, salted jalapeño & whey

tickets for these events can only be obtained here https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KMAY7TUVYDHJL for a suggested donation of $75/person NOT including gratuity (please make a note of which night you will be attending)

additional info…

both events will begin at 7pm & both are BYOB – stemware will be provided as needed

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2 night run @ 4411 montrose on sept 13-14




please join me as i make my return to houston for a 2 night run at 4411 montrose.  each night will consist of  a multi-course dinner showcasing several traditional & untraditional applications of the gold harvested from the gulf of mexico.  it will be an evening of celebration & exploration as i dive into the natural resources we all have available to us here on the 3rd coast.


when people compose a menu before they get an opportunity to see & choose the products that are available has always been beyond me.  thats more of a wish list & doesn’t seem very natural or organic so the menus won’t be published until the actual day of the event.  however, you can count on the  menu being studded with lots of cultivated, wild & indigenous products that help provide a connection between the guests & their surroundings.


tickets for these events can only be obtained here https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KMAY7TUVYDHJL for a suggested donation of $85/person (please make a note of which night you will be attending)

additional info…

both events will begin at 7pm & both are BYOB – stemware will be provided as needed

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SOMMELIER WILLIAM MEZNARICH | CHEF RANDY RUCKER | AUGUST 4, 3:00PM, 2012 ______________________________________________________________________________


quail eggs marinated in sweet tea



scallop boudin blanc with mustard & samphire



louisiana bowfin caviar & steamed egg, fried potato & oyster cream



cobia lightly smoked over oak & scented with fresh herbs, roasted cucumber



hill country duck that is salted & aged for 26 days, hen of the woods & elderberries


slow roasted shoulder of lamb, burdock root & plums smothered in burnt hay



chicharone of pork flavored with dehydrated berries, anise & grated lardo



fregula sarda cooked in a rich bouillon of charred tomato & olive, dried curds & tripe



foie gras w fresh & pickled peach



5226 ELM STREET HOUSTON, TX, 77081 713.839.0560

PAYPAL LINK https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KMAY7TUVYDHJL

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finding the silver lining…

Now that the news is out that restaurant conat will no longer be located at 5219 caroline street I thought I might shed some light on the future of the concept & myself.  Its been an interesting couple of months for me (to say the least) & I’ve been reminded sometimes things in life don’t work out the way you intend.  Often, they turn out in the exact opposite way but you keep your eyes on the goal, focus & press on.  It’s no secret that I’m extremely passionate & I want this concept to be given all the necessary attention it deserves so it can be a true reflection of those who own & operate it. It’s unfortunate that restaurant conat will not be opening as planned, however, restaurant conat is not dead. It continues to grow & remains alive & well.  Sometimes its very difficult to see at first, but i do believe all things happen for a reason.  In fact, i feel extremely liberated & more inspired than i have felt in a very long time.  I’m remaining extremely positive & open to explore new opportunities as they naturally happen.  I will continue to search for a location to help give life to restaurant conat & make it a reality.  I’m fired up & excited to see what happens next.  This has been an extraordinary year for Houston restaurants & i can’t wait to watch it grow & prosper.
I’m proud to call it home…
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the texas morel trail

those of you who know me know that i get a certain fever around spring time in texas.  that fever is what i call morel fever and for the first time i found the cure…..

these were harvested 20 miles west of lake whitney

now I’m packing up & heading back to the hill country to find more….

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sunday february 26 @ 13 Celsius

Join us on Sunday 2.26 as we pair up with talented staff of 13 Celsius for an intimate evening of eating & drinking.  Chefs Randy Rucker & Chris Leung of restaurant conāt (opening in spring 2012) will compose a menu showcasing the natural bounties & true luxuries of the 3rd Coast.  Our host, Mike Sammons will be offering his normal a la carte beer & wine for all guests in attendance.

“Our ultimate goal is to share with our guests the indigenous luxuries of the 3rd coast harmoniously through our philosophy, cuisine, respect for tradition and mother nature. Our cuisine is influenced by southern heritage and culture and evokes a sense of location and discovery. We believe that creativity and new ideas are a result of our intimate relationship with all our food sources and natural environment and look forward to sharing our approach with all our guests.”


almaco jack belly cured w kombu & elderflowers

galveston bay oysters & a creamy dressing of smoked & dried pinfish bones

pickled potatoes w goats milk curds, day flowers & nasturtium leaves

mushrooms roasted over charcoal w marrow & wild onions

dried duck w see urchin & a pistou of wild violet leaves

gumbo z’herbes w stinging nettles & ham hock

smoked beef  w yeast, pear & kale

rutabaga, bay leaf, mustard seeds & maple oats

beets & caraway w nori, olive oil & sour cream

$75/person (tip not included)

dinner will start around 5pm…


due to the nature of this event we are asking all guests to purchase their tickets in advance using the following link…


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UMAMI dinner at Kata Robata

Photos taken by Margaret Lee of Love Lee Photography



November 15, 2011 – With winter around the corner and the holidays fast-approaching, culinary camaraderie is in the air.  And in the spirit of holiday cheer, Kata Robata – of the popular Azuma Group – is corralling an impressive array of culinary talents for two collaborative tasting dinners dubbed UMAMI, or savory.

The uber-enticing UMAMI dinners will offer a multi-course tasting menu featuring the talents of Kata Robata Executive Chef Manabu “Hori” Horiuchi, Chef de Cuisine Mark Gabriel Medina, and mixologist David Long Wong, along with restaurant conāt Chefs Randy Rucker and Chef Chris Leung.

Using Japanese and ultra-exotic ingredients, the acclaimed chefs will prepare different courses based on their individual philosophy and style. Each course will be perfectly paired with a cocktail, wine and/or sake.

The winter UMAMI dinners kick off on December 4, with the second dinner to follow on December 18. Seats are limited and reservations required. Please call Kata Robata at 713-526-8858 to make a reservation. The UMAMI dinners are $125 per person on December 4 and $225 per person on December 18, which includes cocktails and wine and sake pairings.

the 3 dishes i will be showcasing are…

pickled silver perch & charred tiny onions with persimmon vinegar & anise

“riceless” risotto of root vegetables & almond with mullet roe

red broiler cooked over spruce limbs with radish & a bouillon of white tea & seaweed

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