this is only test, i repeat, this is only a test – but i do want yalls feedback….


early fall 2008


 vegetable chips & smoked tomato tapenade…3

comte cheese puffs & sea salt…3

heirloom radishes, malden salt & fresh butter…3

cornbread madelines & sweet-sour jalapeno…5


hawaiian kampachi, watermelon, corn vellum & citron…11

yellowfin tuna, miso, peaches, puffed quinoa & cilantro pistou…14

corned “akuashi” beef, rye, mustard seed marmalade & shaved abalone mushrooms…18

cobia cebiche, yuzu-aji amarillo, basil flowers & diakon-cranberry…11

poached maine lobster, white gazpacho, almonds & preserved grapes…13

artic char, white soy, smoked toast, watercress & gelled dashi…13


animal farm organic greens, aged sherry, manchego & “chadwick cherry” tomato confit…9

bbq freshwater eel, smoked pork, sesame & english cucumber…13

house “char-cu-te-rie”…15

artichoke tarte, roasted tomato, goat ricotta, squash & candied black olive…12

“croquetas de bacalao” & foamed malt vinegar…12

escargot & mushroom fricassee, pearl barley, garlic confit & lemon…14

rhode island quahog clam chowda, smoked bacon, atlantic clams & heirloom potatoes…11


roasted south texas quail, black kale, cipollini, sweet potato & bacon caramel…18

slow cooked wagyu shortrib, caramilzed cauliflower & pumpkin puree.26

crispy suckling pig, orange, clove & hazelnut beignet…22

risotto “de carnaroli”, blue crab, lobster knuckles, oyster-espresso cream, shrimp carpaccio & mint…22

irish langoustine, warm escabeche, crispy iowa pork belly & parmesan espuma…24

long island duck, grains of paradise, kabocha squash & animal farm beets…22


olive oil-yuzu cake, agave nectar, coconut déjà vu & pulled hazelnut toffee…8

brown butter ice cream sandwich, almond cookie, milk mousse & meyer lemon curd…8

fig-basil gazpacho, whipped almond, lime sherbet & guava…8

tropical fruit ceviche, key lime, pistachio & cherimoya sorbet…8

wonka’s wet dream…an adventure through the sexy world of chocolate…10

heirloom carrot cake, cream cheese ice cream, raisins & ginger-white chocolate…8 

“We proudly support local artisans, ranchers & farmers who supply us with incredibly fresh products everyday…chef randy rucker & staff


About greensandbeans

this blog focuses on the trials & tribulations of the culinary evolution and explorations in the kitchen. it is also an open forum to discuss food ideas, techniques & most of all to expose the "happenings" and discoveries that are occurring in our very own backyard. "feedin my dreams by eatin greens & beans"... cheers, randy rucker
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9 Responses to this is only test, i repeat, this is only a test – but i do want yalls feedback….

  1. Misha says:

    Not at all sure how you make risotto, crab, lobster, oyster-espresso cream, shrimp and mint work, but I’ll eat it. If I wanted “wood grilled this” and “seared that” I’d go to Cafe Annie or The Grove.

  2. Lezlie says:

    Is this your soon to be supper club menu??? Sounds interesting… must have invitation to sample. “crispy “suckling” pig makes me sad… LGM

  3. theotherruckerbrother says:

    I get it…. but don’t show too much too early. next to death, mystery is the greatest motivator…..

  4. everyone knows that when i write a menu it has been replaced by new ideas by the time spell check is finished! but you are correct! what is it?

  5. Great menu. If I were ordering, the items that stand out most are:

    -char, soy, toast, watercress, dashi. The texture contrasts sound great, especially with char. Toast and watercress are underrated ingredients; great with raw fish.

    -kampachi. It’s hard for me to resist raw fish/fruit combinations.

    -greens, sherry vinegar, manchego, tomato confit. Somehow makes my mind wander to dark bars in southern Spain.

    -bbq eel/pork/cucumber — That’s freakin brilliant. You get the pork/cucumber combo in a lot of Vietnamese food, but not eel, which is such a natural pairing. Plus, I am a serious sucker for bbq eel.

    -risotto. Great ingredients there.

    -langoustine / pork belly. I had some langoustine crudo last week in Venice and really dug the flavor. Never see it on U.S. menus. Nice pairing with pork belly, although I would use more langoustine than pork.

    -Wonka’s wet dream. Chocolate is a food that I need. I know you will do something brilliant with it.

    What would I not order? Not much. Perhaps I’m not too interested in the snacks. Charcuterie doesn’t excite me much – unless you do something interesting with it, which this menu does not give enough info for me know. I am ho-hum about chowder. But I would want to try every other dish on this menu.

    I can’t wait.

  6. nice to hear from you, “anonymouseater”! hope your travels where fruit-full (is that how you spell that). Im assuming a trip to the “boot” can never be bad!

    in your opinion, do the snacks not sound appitetizing or would you just go right for the raw/cold? im thinking, instead of doing “snacks” i would offer a degustation style canape service…

    i think that you will enjoy this chowda because i learned how to make the real deal while attending school in rhode island (although the true rhode island chowda is a clear broth, neither creamed or with tomato – but i dig on that sexy combo of salt pork, shellfish & cream!!!!!

    welcome home!

  7. guy? its always something w/ you. what? you did? spider….

  8. cadillacman says:

    Chef- Give me a shout if you ever need a hand. Great to hear you have not picked up and rolled out of “Dodge”. Could have had a stellar team with the C.R.G. Seriously, I’d love to lend a hand. Menu looks solid. Howz J.B. doin? Drop a line anytime (

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