i cant help it… via kevin cox (he gets it – thats why it is so outstanding!)



some of you know how much notre dame football means to me – but nobody knows more about the program in south bend like kevin!  his father, frank “the big dog” cox turned all of “us” into ND fans!  this man’s pure enthusiasm was inspirational!  he loved the blue & gold and not to sound to cliche,…he would sometimes say “we only watch one team in this house, right?”  anyway, these pics are from us in montreal at an irish pub watching the best notre damn game i have ever seen, michigan st. vs the irish!  i have never, ever expeirenced anything like that!  buttery nipples all around!!!!!

i recieved this email this evening from my very close friend, kevin cox…

This is someone’s online review of your basic Alfredo sauce from foodnetwork.com…it’s wonderful, every line is so perfect…The reviewer gave this recipe 5 stars. This recipe averages a 0 star rating.

Reviewed on Feb. 4, 2004 by MISSKRISSY
You would not believe how incredible this sauce is! My husband and I made this sauce (served over fettuccine noodles) for my friend and her husband, as they just had their third child a few days ago and we figured they could use the break from cooking – they went nuts, they loved it so much! It literally tastes IDENTICAL to the sauce that they serve at the Olive Garden. I’d give this 6 stars if I could – I will NEVER buy alfredo sauce again! Be sure to use fresh shredded parmesan (available in bags in the dairy section), Kraft grated just doesn’t do it as well – and the shredded parm melts really well. ENJOY this incredible dish!


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this blog focuses on the trials & tribulations of the culinary evolution and explorations in the kitchen. it is also an open forum to discuss food ideas, techniques & most of all to expose the "happenings" and discoveries that are occurring in our very own backyard. "feedin my dreams by eatin greens & beans"... cheers, randy rucker
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7 Responses to i cant help it… via kevin cox (he gets it – thats why it is so outstanding!)

  1. justin says:

    That is awesome, I mean really awesome…

  2. justin says:

    who doesn’t love aldredo sauce…that is awesome

  3. tastybits says:

    I really like Kraft singles in my breakfast tacos. It makes them taste IDENTICAL to Whataburger taquitos.
    If I had a restaurant I’d have have a whole crap load of ghetto fabulous dishes:
    Smoked pork shoulder, potato lardons, processed American cheese, Central Market tortilla. Bam!

  4. tastybits says:

    Um. I forgot the pullet eggs! Now it’s complete.

  5. i love it! but im not sure how to make the recipe but i know i cant live without it! who wants to taste the pasta? especially that fabulous olive garden pasta! olive garden, im on my way….the salad is too die for!!

  6. the best part might be her lack of knowing ther is no “6” star anything, but thats all apart of the fun…..what a dick!!

  7. theotherruckerbrother says:

    Although it is kind of creepy at times, what these twelve or so guys has is pretty cool!!!! i’m just really glad they started marrying off because it cleared a few concerns of mine… Why does kevin look like one of those intellectual weirdos I went to graduate school with….. somebody get that guy a razor!

    hang in there guys… thanks for watching out for my lil bro!!!!

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