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last call…

the group has grown to 10 since i first mentioned a field trip to voice this wednesday so if you would like to join us please respond by mid-night tonight!  the plan as of now, is to meet at the … Continue reading

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wagyu shortrib

  wagyu shortrib, white pepper emulsion, pickled beet, hon shimeji & textured olive oil wagyu shortrib, crispy causa, white pepper emulsion, hon shimeji & textured olive oil

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i am not speaking for all culinary professionals…

but this is what “food tv” should be!!!  daniel’s after hours in an up close and personal show that features the nation”s best chefs in their restaurant/kitchens!  granted, most of the chefs he has visited first have spent time with … Continue reading

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voice’s new “voice” justin is providing us with some good sneak peaks!!!

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anybody been to voice?

has anyone eaten at the new restaurant in the hotel icon?  chef kramer is lucky to have chef justin bayse in his kitchen and feel bad for not eaten there yet!  the menu is easily the most interesting in town … Continue reading

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sometimes all you need is a great product…

schizophrenic pineapple – charred, bruleed, sherbet, caviar, noodle, liquid ravioli, compressed, carpaccio & pudding

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great taste….less filling!!!!

cocktail sauce consommé   2 qts cocktail sauce, heavily seasoned 6 qts fresh shellfish stock 4 egg whites, whipped to incorporate air   mop 1.       using a  heavy-duty stainless steel sauce pot, mix all ingredients 2.      heat over medium heat, … Continue reading

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