great story in the paper today – see link below


tokyo’s fish market…bluefin tuna


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2 Responses to great story in the paper today – see link below

  1. Adam Ellis says:

    People must boycott bluefin tuna. The small remaining populations of western atlantic bluefin, the most highly prized/most expensive sushi, are critically endangered. This once abundant fish has been massacred by massive unregulated, illegal fishing and is now on the verge of extinction. There is no excuse other than pure financial greed for this. Bluefin are akin to the american buffalo of the midwest – impressive migratory beasts that have taken millenia to evolve and a crucial part of the marine ecosystem. It is no coincidence the recent explosion of jellyfish in seas around the world as predator fish such as the mighty bluefin are ruthlessly slaughtered. This has to stop, time is short, so act now and boycott sushi.

  2. it has nothing to do with boycotting. its a cooks envoirmental responsibilty to serve food that will allow him to serve it again. dont quit eating sushi – just try some of the ocean’s other treasures…

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