this week’s focus…



poached quail egg, brioche, piquillo pepper & almond tapenade…5

oyster canapé, cocktail sauce consommé, saltine puree & horseradish…5

leche de tigre “tiger milk” & ceviche potpourri…5

pacific (sea urchin) uni, creamy shellfish custard, thai flavors & toasted coconut…5

shaved truffle hot toddy, foamed egg, white truffle cream, chive & fresh nutmeg…5

onion & cheese bread pudding, farmhouse cheddar, arugula, foamed beer…5

smoked salmon mousse, tubes of crunchy ciabatta, wasabi, egg yolk & blue cheese…5 

american caviar, potato espuma, chive & crispy shallot…5


hamachi (japanese amberjack) tartare, watermelon, basil seeds & warm lime dressing…15

shaved queen conch, hijiki, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, cilantro & mint…11

smoked sturgeon on rye, sweet cream, sour cucumber, egg & horseradish…13

wahoo “ono”  tiradito, fried shallots, shitake mushrooms, white soy & green apple dashi…15


laqured king mackerel, mango bbq, thai basil & cornbread…15

maine finnan haddie, green apple marmalade, fennel, crunchy potato & crème fraiche…13

bacalao gnocchi, celery root, buttermilk, honeycomb tripe & swiss chard…13

broiled monchong, kewpie, haricot vert salad & bosque blue cheese…15

yucca gnocchi, brown butter, “lomo” (cured pork loin) & cotija cheese…13

“cabrito” flavored with ponzu and orange…25



…these are being tested this week.  check in for pics and tasting notes.






About greensandbeans

this blog focuses on the trials & tribulations of the culinary evolution and explorations in the kitchen. it is also an open forum to discuss food ideas, techniques & most of all to expose the "happenings" and discoveries that are occurring in our very own backyard. "feedin my dreams by eatin greens & beans"... cheers, randy rucker
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3 Responses to this week’s focus…

  1. finnadat says:

    if you need any help with tasting notes, lemme know!

  2. Misha says:

    This stuff sounds excellent. Uni, cabrito, bacalao gnocchi, smoked sturgeon, poached egg. Not necessarily in that order.

    You should do a fancy pants taco truck and serve lunch. Meals on wheels for food geeks.

  3. i would love to follow chef oringer’s lead and open a small place in the heights or lower westheimer serving great tacos & ceviches – open for lunch only (similar to la mar in lima peru…)

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