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We Are Opening A Bar In Houston!

August 29, 2008

anvil.jpgOk, Houston, I guess the word is out. Yes, Kevin, Morgan, and I are opening  a new bar, and we hope to bring back the long overdue nostalgia and joy of classic cocktails to our city. Our new bar, Anvil, located at 1424 Westheimer, will be opening in mid-November. Beneath the decades of former bar structure and traffic, lies a beautiful building with priceless windows, historic brick, and exciting features that are certain to make Anvil a site to see.

Of course, there will be cocktails as well. This time, however, the cocktails will receive the same attention they receive at the nation’s best cocktails bars. We will have several types of ice, an enormous supply of unique spirits, the best bartenders in the city, and a cocktail list that actively seeks to banish the apple martini forever from Houston! Over the last year, I have learned one thing above all others: I love making cocktails for Houstonians! I can’t wait to show Houston more of history’s lost cocktails and our own modern inventions with tools that every cocktail deserves.

In addition to great cocktails, Anvil will have a carefully stocked wine cellar built in an old loft positioned over the bar. Our beer list will include the best microbrews in the country, and we will offer alternative taps at all times that will change every week. We want Anvil to be a comfortable, but intriguing space that asks people to enjoy their time with friends with a good drink in their hands. What else could you ever ask for?

Kevin and I have enjoyed our time at Beavers, and we want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has supported us this far. It is exciting to know that a local interest in the cocktail is alive and well. In addition to those who have sat at the bar at Beavers, we would like to thank our owners and chefs, especially Dax McAnear, for their support throughout our tenure at a restaurant we have come to love. Dax has taught me more about food and drinks than everyone else I have ever known combined, and I certainly wouldn’t be in this position without his friendship and persistent encouragement. It is difficult at times to deviate from a proven norm in this industry, and I hope that Beaver’s faith in our perspective has been as rewarding for the restaurant as it was for us.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back behind the bar at Beavers. I will be there for a while longer while Anvil takes shape. Kevin’s last day however is tomorrow, Saturday, August 30th, so get in there and let him make you a drink.  In the meantime, you might see the blog take a hit from all the work that will be going into Anvil. After the bar opens, we will get back to posting more frequently and will certainly have a ton of material to discuss. I apologize to anyone who has emailed me over the past few weeks and has not received a reply. I am trying, but I don’t really even have time to sleep. All I do everyday is build a bar and work in another – life is hectic, but everything a cocktail nerd dreams of. I hope to see you all at Anvil in November.

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