{ tenacity } supper club…

thursday september 4, 2008

location – modern b&b

japanese hamachi, daikon radish, watercress consommé & ruby red grapefruit

live scallop, badia a coltibuono olive oil, preserved papaya puree & candied kombu

composition of tomatoes, fromage blanc & shaved bonito

local corn soup, miso, gulf shrimp & malabar spinach

confit of louisiana frog’s legs, fennel, smoked potato gnocchi & foamy parmesan water

crispy pork rillette, celery branch, almond cream, green apple & kecap manis

soft bittersweet chocolate, basil seeds, sweet & sour hijiki & cherimoya soup

email rrucker79@hotmail.com to reserve your seats…


About greensandbeans

this blog focuses on the trials & tribulations of the culinary evolution and explorations in the kitchen. it is also an open forum to discuss food ideas, techniques & most of all to expose the "happenings" and discoveries that are occurring in our very own backyard. "feedin my dreams by eatin greens & beans"... cheers, randy rucker
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3 Responses to { tenacity } supper club…

  1. tastybits says:

    I am going to hate missing this one. I don’t get into town until 10pm that day and the menu looks really great. Can I convince you to do this one the week after?:)

  2. ah guy?
    i do want to host a dinner for all of you that have supported { tenacity } thus far with a “greatest hits” menu. i know we have only been doing these dinner for a few months now but i have over 100 different dishes chronicled so far. any favorites you can recall???

  3. tastybits says:

    I don’t know how you keep all these ingredients straight in your head. Here are few of my favorites:

    east bay flounder tiradito, yamabuki miso, lemon verbena & kimchee consommé (still the best

    smoked vichyssoise, foamed dashi, gulf crab & garlic flowers

    roasted gundermann’s farm peach, red komatsuma lettuce & lime-eucalyptus cloud

    toasted bacalao gnocchi, trumpet royal mushroom & pea shoot pesto

    frozen lemon balm gazpacho & opal basil

    best parts of the pig, shimeji mushrooms, courgette, marigold & foamed hollandaise

    cobia smoked with apple-wood & broiled, red malabar spinach & creamy brown butter

    cured rainbow runner, macerated citron & fresh cayenne chili

    gulf shrimp, cauliflower-sesame tapenade & aromatic bubbles

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