personal & professional enlightment from “the pig” dinner with chef justin basye…

first, I want to share my thoughts on the evening as a whole and then express how proud I am of justin.  the evening was my favorite dinner to date because it really put a few things into perspective for me.  i require these hints of enlightenment quite often because these days it seems that all things I cherish in my life are being tested day in & day out.  the economy, the presidential election & the simple fact of living on the gulf coast have stretched most people to their snapping point – leaving one to think “what’s next” but I constantly find my comfort in family, friends & peers who continue to rise above the “flood lines” to support me & tenacity.

please do not get me wrong – im not saying justin had no moves before I met him – the guy worked with some of the best in the country, both owning a james beard award for their region.  he worked on both coasts (east coast & the 3rd coast) with dan barber (blue hill @ stone barns) who not only wrote the book on farm to table dining but continues to write new chapters on sustainable farming & agriculture for us all to learn from.  he also had the pleasure of working in nola at restaurant august with john besh & now has the luxury of absorbing all the knowledge that kramer can give.  my personal philosophy is that if a cook locks up his moves and doesn’t share them he is only hurting himself as well as his whole staff (front & back) & is only doing 1/8 of his job.  every great or even good leader must also be able to teach and we all know that but a cook or chef’s (call it what you want) job is not only to teach but continue to learn on a daily basis, always asking questions and exercising new ideas. 

i started the supper club to for a few different reasons but the most important one to me was to raise awareness of the gastronomic talent that texas and the gulf coast offers and to provide a platform or forum for houston cooks try new things and to discuss them in detail whether they work out or turnout to be a complete failure.  thats how you grow as a whole & my rational is what’s good for the city’s dining culture is good for all of us.

the moment I realized that I was witnessing exactly what I wanted to achieve was when I was thanking our guests for joining us for the dinner and I saw jj & jb in the corner of my eye.  i realized that just between the 3 of us how much we had taught each other & how much we all had grown as a whole per our time together.  that’s what it is all about! 

the ability to teach is a very important virtue to obtain but the concept of constantly learning ironically must be taught and I learned this important lesson from my peers & for that I thank them.







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this blog focuses on the trials & tribulations of the culinary evolution and explorations in the kitchen. it is also an open forum to discuss food ideas, techniques & most of all to expose the "happenings" and discoveries that are occurring in our very own backyard. "feedin my dreams by eatin greens & beans"... cheers, randy rucker
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5 Responses to personal & professional enlightment from “the pig” dinner with chef justin basye…

  1. tastybits says:

    The first Tenacity dinner and Justin’s pig feast are some of the best meals I had this year. The dinner I had at August last February is definitely high on the list as well, but you can clearly tell Justin has a style of his own. Very impressive.

  2. jodycakes says:

    Cannot wait for Monday and it’s these posts that are a HUGE testimony to something I haven’t yet experienced…looking forward to it.

  3. carlos testino says:

    that was something good to read Mr Rucker!!

  4. jrdestes says:

    I definetly feel blessed to have spent time in Houston’s kitchen with the three of you guys. Cheers to you RR, thanks for the reminder. Hopefully, there will be more times to come!

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