menu a la carte 7.12.09

Suckling Pig with Miso Truffle and Ham Jus[1].  Zucchini Noodles


CRUDO market inspired & spontaneous applications of raw seafood…market price

CEVICHE of local wahoo & our green papaya, pureed mango nectarines & cilantro 10

COMPOSTION of local melon carpaccio, duck ham, crunchy pea hulls, oregon hazelnuts & gelled white balsamic 12

TOMATOES with traditional & familiar flavors 10

SALAD of baby red & green romaine, white anchovy, dried egg yolk, sauce ravigote & fried brioche 9

CHARCUTERIE with traditional & untraditional condiments 16

VENISON TARTARE 3 applications of mustard, cheddar crusted toast, our puslane lettuce & pickled vegetables 12


OSTRICH charred with cocoa, smoked foie gras, braised cocoa nibs, gelled honey & hibiscus 18

TEXAS WAGYU in the style of shabu-shabu with french onion soup consommé, puffed rice & foraged mushrooms…market price

YUKON POTATO RISOTTO ”rice-less” and flavored with poor mans caviar, chive, slow poached egg, chicken skin crumble & foamed dashi 10

PEANUT SOUP flavored with miso, florida frogs legs, boiled peanuts & coconut milk 9

WHITE HOMINY GRITS enriched with goats milk whey, carpaccio of local shrimp, dehydrated chevre & andouille bouillon 12


WILD PACIFIC SALMON black bean gnocchi, pico de gallo h20, zucchini pistou & horseradish bubbles 28

BIG EYE TUNA in the style of nice with fennel pollen, powdered olive, potato, haricot verts, preserved quail egg, garden peppers & espellette 32

LOCAL SNAPPER via stoops & sons with crisped skin, baby artichoke & atlantic clam escabeche, smoked parmesan crumble 26  

BLUE CRAB RISOTTO carnaroli rice, iowa pork belly, creamy mascarpone & kimchee soup 28

MAINE LOBSTER grilled tail and a fricassee of claws & knuckles flavored with its coral, forbidden rice, pickled lobster mushrooms, meyer lemon puree & condensed parsley 42


BRYAN FARMS CHICKEN influenced by the basque region with piperade & smoked paprika, fried chic peas, eggplant-raisin compote  & chorizo bouillon 24

LONG ISLAND DUCK wrapped in swiss chard after being smoked with applewood, barbequed local peaches, charred onions & sauce piquant

MIGNON OF LOCAL BEEF lightly smoked & grilled, potato crusted potatoes, charred baby leeks & sauce bordelaise 32 

TEXAS NILGAI ANTELOPE inside-out purple potatoes, charred white asparagus, pear confit & butterscotch

NEW ZEALAND ELK LOIN almond-cauliflower puree, sweet potato consommé, bourbon scented onions & brown butter hollandaise

BISON RIBEYE thrice cooked, braised field peas, candied bacon, black kale & salsa verde 38


About greensandbeans

this blog focuses on the trials & tribulations of the culinary evolution and explorations in the kitchen. it is also an open forum to discuss food ideas, techniques & most of all to expose the "happenings" and discoveries that are occurring in our very own backyard. "feedin my dreams by eatin greens & beans"... cheers, randy rucker
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3 Responses to menu a la carte 7.12.09

  1. tarver king says:

    your food sounds amazing i want to come down there and eat with recless abandonment and no regard for my own personal safety.

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