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Feria Peru Mucho Gusto


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harold mcgee in the ny times

The Curious Cook IT lasted only a moment, but it was the most refreshed I’ve ever felt at the dining table. All of a sudden my mouth was shockingly cold, so cold that I could see my breath. As the … Continue reading

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sometimes all you need is a great product…

schizophrenic pineapple – charred, bruleed, sherbet, caviar, noodle, liquid ravioli, compressed, carpaccio & pudding

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if you can’t tell, im becoming very “stir crazy” or “houston crazy”

y’all need to get down on this video and really listen to what they talk about!  this is the best example of farmer to guest operation!!!  I’m so jealous, but i am glad to know that it can be done!!!!

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wd-50, wylie & alex

here is an example of a chef who knows what he is doing from concept to the last guest.  pay attention!!!!!

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tailor nyc &

 i stumbled on this website, while i was checking out sam mason’s tailor (nyc) restaurant (  he has posted new menus and the balance between the kitchen and bar are incredible. tailor’s mixoligist, eban freeman, is super impressive! his ability … Continue reading

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when it comes to the true defination of original i can only think of the boys at moto in chicago

they are the real deal.  last time i was there i had the pleasure of seeing the laser up close and personal!!!

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