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lemon balm, anise hyssop, allspice leaves & pina

this is a continuance of the previous post “thank you laurent” (chef laurent gras)… i began growing lemon balm in march and it grew like crazy!  i found an interesting use for it on chef laurent gras’s blog, (i did … Continue reading

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thank you laurent!!!

allspice berry tree annise hyssop growing under meyer lemon – thanks to chef laurent gras i have found a use for all my lemon balm and allspice berry leaves.   when mine is finished and has passed approval i will post the recipe … Continue reading

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nippan daido

i started the mise en place for this friday’s “tour de champagne” event at the hotel derek and got excited when i realized a trip to nippan daido was in my future.  this place is a wonderful local resource for … Continue reading

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beets, horseradish & local chevre

 red beet crouquant with cheesy girl (local chevre) to achieve the crispy beet crouquant : – poach peeled beets in port wine, fresh rosemary, peppercorns, sugar & h2o – puree beets with just enough liquid to make a smooth paste, … Continue reading

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great taste….less filling!!!!

cocktail sauce consommé   2 qts cocktail sauce, heavily seasoned 6 qts fresh shellfish stock 4 egg whites, whipped to incorporate air   mop 1.       using a  heavy-duty stainless steel sauce pot, mix all ingredients 2.      heat over medium heat, … Continue reading

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