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tuscany coffee at “5” greenway plaza

just an average morning at the coffee bar!  go there and let them do what they do and who knows who you will run into….

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we all have ways to help us get through the shit life dumps on us and the boys always help me relax and remember the sun will come up in the morning

for some odd reason yall have been the only constence in my life and have gotten thru more troubled times than any other thing.  now that ive lost the absolute love in my life im looking for some comfort…thank you all!

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it’s my pleasure to introduce mr pj stoops…

        its been a longtime coming for me to find a local fisherman that can provide me with the quality of fish that i have always wanted from the gulf of mexico and now “we” have found him.  i … Continue reading

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2009 michelin guide nyc

all in all it’s simply a list but it’s gotta be a nice list to be on!  congratulations to all… 2009 Michelin Guide NYC 3 STARS Jean Georges Le Bernardin Masa Per Se 2 STARS Adour Daniel Del Posto Gilt … Continue reading

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friends in wet places…

often guests remark and question me about the seafood i use at the supper club dinners so i thought i would let em’ in on my little secret – cj baker.  now, i have known cj for the better half … Continue reading

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Feria Peru Mucho Gusto

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bobby is on the move…

We Are Opening A Bar In Houston! August 29, 2008 Ok, Houston, I guess the word is out. Yes, Kevin, Morgan, and I are opening  a new bar, and we hope to bring back the long overdue nostalgia and joy … Continue reading

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