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wagyu shortrib

  wagyu shortrib, white pepper emulsion, pickled beet, hon shimeji & textured olive oil wagyu shortrib, crispy causa, white pepper emulsion, hon shimeji & textured olive oil

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wd-50, wylie & alex

here is an example of a chef who knows what he is doing from concept to the last guest.  pay attention!!!!!

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sometimes the best stuff lurks beneath…

for a long time now, people’s defensive stand against modern food is truly baffling to me.  im not even sure what those words mean anyway, “modern food”.  often i hear un-educated stands that have no merit.  for example, the use … Continue reading

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black cod poached in goat’s milk, black olive, crispy panzanella & parsnips

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looking back to laidback manor…

the foie gras milkshake which was served with the duck, duck…goose (seen below) duck, duck…goose  sweet potato pie, tx toast, smoked potato salad & almond-green onion crumble   a mirror image of arugula & beets crab & the flavors of guacamole  … Continue reading

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